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June 20, 2018

All along this journey we call life I am amazed by the beauty around me!! 

I was walking to the dock because I wanted to watch the storm roll in (one of my favorite things to do) as I walked  I was blown away by the colors in front of me - dark clouds have a way of making Mother Nature's colors pop!

I surround you with white light and love💗 


Life is about JOY!

June 15, 2018

We spend so much time being serious about life - we think as we grow older that we need to stop playing - I am saying HELL NO to that!!! I am making it my goal to do something silly and fun everyday - on this particular day I am playing in the waves and I captured it in this picture!! Anyone watching from the beach must have thought that I was crazy because it took many attempts to capture this selfie!! 

I surround you with white light and love💗 


Love so Powerful

July 3, 2018

I need nothing and no one to experience life altering love - all I need is within me - as I reach inside I reach outwards as well because we are all one. When I love myself I share that love with the Universe and in turn I tap into ALL the love in the Universe.

Love so powerful, so abundant how could I ever have felt a lack of love flowing to me!? It’s always there and always has been - it was me - I pinched off the source so that it only trickled in. Well, now I open the floodgates of love and let it flow into me in wild abandon!!💕


July 3, 2018

I was just reminded of the fact that people think it is in poor taste to mention when you do good deeds or perform random acts of kindness - SERIOUSLY???

Would you rather be inspired by hate, violence, anger, vulgarity etc?

Let's start a NEW TREND - it's called #spreadloveRAK

I would LOVE to see this grow - if you think this is a terrible idea please just skip over this post/idea - I am not interested in arguments I just want people to feel good about doing things for others and at the same time inspiring someone else too!!