What is a Life Coach?

As your Life Coach it is my job (and joy) to:

    Help you get out of the rut you are in
    Help you make big changes – live the life you dream of
    Assist you in identifying and realizing your goals, dreams and aspirations
    Make you more self aware of your hidden talents
    Help you develop your hidden talents
    Be your partner and confidante on your journey of self growth
    Help you achieve your highest level of happiness and success
    Help you focus on the present and moving forward
    Create/establish  measurable goals , create action plans and break them down into achievable steps
    Help you to build on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses
    Provide you with various tools, techniques and support to achieve your goals
    Motivate and Inspire you!

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This is a co-creative and co-active process

YOU are the expert! MY job is to bring out YOUR best. 

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What Dawn's customers are saying

I met Dawn a little over a year ago at one of her LOA Meetups here in Treasure Island. She is a fabulous person - easy to talk to, has an open mind and personality and always a smile on her face. I appreciate that Dawn organizes these LOA meetups every Monday. For me it is a good way to be reminded of the principle and it keeps me on track. I highly recommend you checking out the group. Every meeting is interesting in its own way and every time I walk away with some new knowledge or experience or insight.

Also, thanks to Dawn I lost my “FEAR of birds” I won’t bore you with all my miserable bird stories but trust me, I really really didn't like birds, was even afraid of them - I would walk around a bunch of seagulls on the beach with at least 10 feet between them and I!

Dawn didn’t know about my relationship with birds, but after walking on the beach with her for a couple of month last summer and seeing her interact with all the birds and appreciating them and taking a million pictures of them and telling me how beautiful they are I all of a sudden one day realized I was “talking” to a bird…..ME talking to a bird !!! Long story short, without her even knowing Dawn’s energy about birds had rubbed off on me !!!

If you have a chance to meet Dawn and attend one of her workshops or meetup groups, take it!

Anne H, Florida 2018

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